Useful Info

Where can I do some shopping?

At the km 13 of the Exequiel Bustillo Avenue, 7 km away from the cabins there are two supermarkets and several shops (pharmacy, groceries, ATM…) . The cabins have refrigerator. If you did not have a vehicle, we can try combine to get you to the supermarket without cost. In case you needed transfer from the airport to the cabins, we can make a stop at the supermarket too. There is as well a small market at the km 20 of Bustillo.

ow can I move in Bariloche?

We also recommend renting a car in Bariloche, as the distances are quite big. You can ask for car rental companies. If you decide not renting a car, you still have the bus. It works with the SUBE card. Bus number 10 has a stop 600 meters away from the cabins and it has a ride every hour (usually each past 5 to the city center and each to 25 going to Colonia Suiza). Number 20 has its stop at km 18 of Bustillo and it stops every 20 minutes. Otherwise we can call a remis (which is like a taxi, but it gives the fare in advance).

Where is my car going to stay?

The complex has parking, although it is not covered. We are 600 meters away from the road so it is not going to be left on the street.

Can I get out if it snows?

We count on a snow blower for the dirt road. Anyhow if there is a big storm we recommend staying in the cabins until it calms down for you own safety.

What do I need to travel with my car during the winter time?

It is not frequent using snow chains in Bariloche, but it is probable that the police ask for them in your way together with other safety items

When is the check-in and check-out?

The check-in is after 2 PM, unless the cabin has been empty the night before. The check-out is before 10AM. If the cabin is going to be free that day, you can ask for the extended check-out.

What do I do with my luggage if I arrive earlier?

If you arrive before time, you can leave your luggage at the reception and likewise when you leave. We do not advise going to touristic points in Bariloche with your luggage in the car.